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  • Abraham Lincoln was born in

  • Birth date February 19, 1809.

  • His family moved to Illinois in 1830.

  • He was elected to the Illinois House
    of Representatives in 1834.

  • Lincoln was granted his license to practice law in 1836.

  • He is the only President to receive
    a patent.

  • Lincoln is the tallest U.S. President
    at 6’4”

  • He married Mary Todd Ryan.

  • Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1846.

  • Lincoln was the first Republication elected to office.

The fun and entertaining characters help bring the history of
Abraham Lincoln to life. Parents can have fun teaching their children
history with Abraham the Alligator, an interactive read to me book.

Start your collection of the History from "A to Z" with Abraham the Alligator, Babe the Bear, Cleo the Cat, Davy the Dog and
Eleanor the Eagle.

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Abe, Babe, Cleo, Davy, Eleanor

As a lifetime resident of Florida’s Osceola County community, Paula Stark has been awarded their most significant honors; being recognized time after time and year after year. If there’s a cause to crusade, a fund to be raised or a challenge to champion, her community knows Paula will be there
— heart, body & soul.

Paula Stark’s professional life in the newspaper business reflects her commitment to inform & educate adults and children alike. In this series of children’s books you will find her passion for both family & community. Paula shares from her heart, the stories she created for her young sons, Taylor & Nicholas, years ago. She shares the family laughter and fun of teaching your children history through kindness, compassion & community action. Bringing this series to your family, Paula is achieving another life time goal. She shares her love of history & family, giving you her first tender stories of little Taylor’s friends—Abe the Alligator, Babe the Bear and Cleo the Cat.

As a friend and admirer of this very special woman, I encourage you to collect these historical delights from A to Z. Enjoy the fun of teaching your children well and sharing from the heart. Perhaps like Paula Stark, when you believe you have turned your last page and told your last story, you’ll be reading them again, to a first born grand child.